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About Herluf Design

Herluf Design was established by Herluf Nielsen in 1966. For many years Herluf worked in a women’s clothing company in Kolby in Vejle but dreamed of starting his own business. At that time, the tradesman association in Give had built a new building on Kornvej, where enterprising entrepreneurs could start their own businesses. It was too good an opportunity to miss and Herluf Design became established and operated production there for many years – and the company continues to operate there today.

Herluf Nielsen ran the family company for 41 years. In 2007, he decided it was the right time to hand the reins over to the next generation – his son Hans.

Ethics and quality

High ethical standards

Herluf Design has high ethical standards. In regard to our collections, there are three areas in particular that we take very seriously indeed: We completely dissociate ourselves from any form of child labour, we value highly animal welfare and we focus strongly on ensuring responsible production conditions.

These ethical values are an integral part of the way we run our business. At Herluf Design, we are dependable and we treat people with respect. Some people may say these are old-fashioned virtues but for us, they are important values that we are determined to uphold.

Stringent quality control

We have our own stringent quality control here in Denmark. When we receive our collections from our producers abroad, we unpack every single item of clothing, hang them on steam dolls and clean them. We then iron each item and check carefully for any defects – and once we have approved an item, we hang it on a coat hanger, ready for delivery to the store. This high level of quality control means that we almost never receive complaints from customers.